Why It Is Important to Have Window Well Covers There are a lot of benefits to having a basement window, but it can also be a way for criminal elements to enter our homes. And if we have a basement window, it is required that it should have a large basement window well. A window well that is 9 square feet and a horizontal projection of 36 inches is required if you are to comply with the code. This window well can be an inviting piece of entrance into the privacy of your home. A window well is a huge and vulnerable doorway to your home’s privacy. However, this structure is also designed to deter criminals or animals from coming into your home by placing a window well cover over it. Another benefit of window well covers will be seen during harsh weather conditions or the winter season. A window well cover will not allow water or snow to enter your home, and thus free your home from water damage and snow fill. Depending on the type of window well covers you get, water damage and snow fill will be prevented. Window well cover come in many different kinds of material like polycarbonate, steel, and others. Sunlight goes through some window well covers made of steel like steel mesh, rebar, and others. One of the benefits of having window well covers is the prevention of accidents. Window wells are around three to four feet deep and without a cover, children and pets can fall into it. Some homes have many window well enclosures. Window wells are also beneficial for your safety in cases there is a fire or any emergency situation when you need to escape quickly from your home. it can also be a way in for emergency crew to easily enter your home. A safety escape ladder is needed if you need to use the window well as a means of escape. You should not overlook the idea of purchasing a ladder to go with your window wells. It is beneficial for every home to have at least on ladder in your escape route. There are those who have more than one ladder for emergency in their window wells.
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A custom fit window well will be perfect for better protection. The weight that a properly built window well can hold is more than 300 pounds. Poorly made window well covers rust easily. The weight that poorly made window well covers can hold is not as much as a properly made one can hold. If you get a rubberized coated window well cover you will gain more benefits because they include UV protection, anti-rust, and corrosion protection for maximum life and maximum protection. Painted and sand blasted covers are other type of window well covers but they cannot match the benefits given by rubberized window well covers.The 10 Laws of Covers And How Learn More