We have compiled a comprehensive description of everything it takes to be a budtender.

Cannabis jobs have been on the rise throughout the nation with Colorado being a pioneer in the industry. There are plenty of formal and informal requirements to being a part of a cannabis business, since the area is highly regulated and there is a lot of oversight. You need to memorize numerous rules and regulations, since any violations lead to serious fines and investigations.

Formal Requirements.

First things first, to get involved in a cannabis business you need to obtain one of two licenses:

Key Badge from Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) if you position involves decision making, or

Support Badge from MED if you will not be involved in managerial decision, like budtender.

To obtain a badge, there are certain requirements that might prevent you from becoming a budtender in Colorado. Here are some of them:

– You must be a Colorado resident and have a valid state ID;

– If you were convicted of a crime related to controlled substances in the past 10 years or any crime in the past 5 years (incl. Probation and parole) you can not apply for the MED badge;

– You must be 21 years old or older to apply.

If you are compliant, download a form on Colorado.gov, fill it out and drop it off at the nearest MED office. Keep in mind that you will be photographed and have your prints taken.

Informal Requirements.

Before you even consider applying for your badge, make sure that you want to be a part of something new while keeping in mind that a job in the cannabis industry still has some stigma to outsiders.

Once you made the decision, here are some points that describe a great budtender:

– has a nice and neat appearance, clean hands and fingernails, and so on – you are more than a cook, a waiter or a barkeep. You are handling a rather expensive and precious flower that people will inhale or use otherwise.

– Friendly, helpful, intelligent – the days of stoned “weed dealers” are long gone

– Knows his/her product – this is a must, since you will be consulting a lot of people on a lot of different things. Starting from the difference between sativa and indica to the various nuances of consuming concentrates.

– Responsible – as we mentioned before this job comes with a lot of responsibility and in order not to let anyone down you have to be careful with IDs, know all the laws – like the fact that transporting the product out of state is illegal and you must refuse sale if you suspect the intent, advise people on prohibition on federal grounds and so much more.

Applying at a Dispensary.

Applying at a dispensary is the last step but not the easiest. There is plenty of jobs but there is also a lot of competition.

Start by compiling/updating your resume and make sure to write a cover letter, specific for each place you apply. Many people neglect that but it gives you an opportunity to highlight your strengths, relevant experience and so on.

The next step is finding open positions. You can start by checking out the websites of your favorite dispensaries, their social media, or you can go to your local job website.

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis is proud to have more than just a team – it is a close family of people passionate about cannabis that strives to provide its patrons with the highest quality product and service.

Having read all of the above, If you believe you have what it takes to become a budtender, we would love to hear from you – check out all the open positions from Silver Stem, apply now and we’ll be happy to see you become a part of something great with us. Good luck!