The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks numerous types of data about various occupations; this includes information on work environments. The minimum requirement to get a job as an armed security guard is a high school diploma or equivalent. Many people have been turned down for jobs based upon the results of a background check and have no idea what is even on their record. You will be amazed by the amount you will have saved in just one year of hiring a private security company rather than building a security team of your own. Be sure to have the right security course pertinent to the security job applied for. A degree in Homeland Security is not actually a hard thing to find- a fair number of universities offer them now, including online colleges. These programs are perfect for people who want to pursue overseas security jobs.

Role Responsibility:Search vehicles, occupants of vehicles, visitors and their property on access or egress through a prison lock, using technical aids, to ensure the security of the prison is maintained. Another niche area in the security industry is executive protection, or bodyguard jobs

They have the ability to scare you, but not in the same way as the security vendors (#6) and security planners (#5); you’ll be able to tell that they don’t want anything in return- it’s almost a relief for them to share the information they know with someone.

Border patrol agents can find themselves in compromising situations where they have to chase illegal aliens and even get shot at. What makes their jobs even more dangerous is the fact that they do not only encounter illegal aliens who wish for a better life in the U.S.; they also face drug smugglers and gang members.

If you are looking for various parts of the job security then you will undergo a training process that will make sure you do the work well done and also help you understand the work of someone better security. Other responsibilities include overseeing and coordinating security efforts across the company, including information technology, human resources, communications, legal, facilities management and other jobssecurity jobs