Gifted as a Dubber? Try to Register in Here – It’s not new anymore that in the entertainment industry it takes the role of voice actors ranging from advertisements to tv or radio, movies, and animated films. A voice actor can pocket at least 800 thousand for one film title, to trailer a film a voice actor gets tens of millions to hundreds of millions for a long-term advertisement. You see yourself having an interesting and distinctive voice but still hesitant to be a voice. Here are a few tips for you to be more confident.

Develop acting and vocal skills

A voice actor will not appear in front of the screen, even though the voice actor must be able to convey the message with the right tone and emotion. Search for trainers or take acting classes for those who are still in school can follow organizations such as theater. Continue to train your voice on a scheduled basis. Your vocal reach will increase as you practice. When practicing sound you can mimic the actor’s voice or famous characters. Activities like this can be your reference when you make a demo of your voice.


Exploration is a way where you can explore or do a search by uniting imagination and logic. You must know and understand the form of writing such as poetry, drama or narration because each text has a different meaning. This is an important thing to know the types and forms of various types of writing so that the voice can be accurately conveyed. Not only reading you also have to learn to hear and understand other people talking because this is an effective way to increase your knowledge of the types of voice characters.

Make a recording for the demo

This is something you have to do after you practice acting, vocals and also explore yourself. Clients will not care about your external appearance which they value is your voice on the demo recording that you sent. To make a demo you must prepare the best material. We recommend that you have to have some material that you recorded after that you choose which one is the best for you. You can do this recording within 30 seconds with your original voice or imitate the sound of a famous character.

If you are confident as a voice actor, you should immediately register with because you will not only develop talent but also you can develop your business network. is a startup that was founded in London. are London voice over agency That startup is created as a place for voice over or ordinary Indonesians call voice actors to meet with service users to expand their network both nationally and internationally. Most of the clients from are Brand, Production House, Advertising Agency, E-learning Developer, Game Developer, Audio Books, Video Maker, and others. does not only have talent in Indonesia but also in America, China, Australia, and Malaysia. Here’s how to register in

  • You must first become a member at
  • Auditions made online are not subject to any fees and also do not provide audition fees for talent
  • com will provide briefs and manuscripts through Cloud server from voquent
  • Demo results that have been created are also sent via the cloud server
  • Talent must send demo results in accordance with the specified date
  • The announcement results will be announced on the website