In a single search, Indeed offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. To my surprise it has become less fun for me to do. Instead, both blogging and the job search process has become extremely anxiety producing for me. Schools aren’t calling when they say they would, schools are extending offers but not closing their process.

This is everything a job app should be. Constant updates with new potential places to apply, easy to navigate features with simple interface that gets right to the point, ad-free, and steady programming that hasn’t once crashed on me. You guys are good at what you do and should be proud.

Send your resume to people who can actually positively influence your job search, not just to anyone who asks for it. I’m always amazed when job searchers who are currently employed simply fire off their resume to a faceless recruiter that they’ve never met and expect that a new job will be sitting in their lap within a few days.

It hasn’t been nearly as bad living with them as I thought it might be. We don’t get on each others nerves, we have positive interactions, they don’t nag or pester me about my job prospects, for the most part they understand that looking for a job these days is damn difficult.job search

Either of these solutions is imperfect at best, and until LinkedIn allows for the equivalent of multiple profile functionality, there is no way for many job seekers to fully support their job search efforts using this otherwise excellent employment search resource.job searchjob search