A job board is a website that facilitates job hunting and range from large scale generalist sites to niche job boards for job categories such as engineering, legal, insurance, social work, teaching, mobile app development as well as cross-sector categories such as green jobs, ethical jobs and seasonal jobs. Plastering your resume up all over the Internet sends a bad message to hiring managers (why can’t you get a job with all that exposure?) and drives recruiters away (recruiters don’t like working with job searchers whose resume is easily found on the various job boards).

The term job search engine might refer to a job board with a search engine style interface, or to a web site that actually indexes and searches other web sites Niche job boards are starting to play a bigger role in providing more targeted job vacancies and employees to the candidate and the employer respectively.

Thus, in order for you to construct your own self-profile and measure how well it aligns (or doesn’t align) with a given job opportunity, you must first understand not only the job tasks you will need to perform, but also the organizational climate, or work environment, in which you will need to perform this work as well.job search

Studies have shown that about half of the employers select to accept or reject job applications based on the related work experience listed in the CV. A third of the employers select to reject or accept these job applications based on the layout design of these applications.job search

I have seen a number of times that a person currently working gets a job offer from another company and ultimately decides to stay at their current employer, even when the conditions (financial, professional and otherwise) at the new company were considerably more attractive.job search