In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of working for the U.S. Federal government as a dental hygienist. Email us at [email protected] to let us know where you publish the jobs data for your federal, state, or local government agency. More than 500,000 jobs in government disappeared between February 2010 and July 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says, and federal employees had their salaries frozen.government jobs

The new generation of India is also aiming for getting government job by appearing various competitive examinations such as UPSC. Many niches are growing: Wind-turbine service technicians (the people who fix those giant, high-tech windmills) and commercial divers (the people who do underwater repairs on oil rigs) are two of the fastest-growing middle-class jobs. Find your local office at or in the blue (government) pages of your telephone directory.

Some of the most common government home typing jobs are in legal transcription. I bet now they will tell us that with the new Cap and Trade Bill, they will increase alternative energy sector jobs; Wrong! Nurses in search of jobs in clinical research area may consider the jobs offered by NIH (National Institutes of Health). A job fair can be a wonderful opportunity for you to not only see what Government jobs are available, but they also allow you the opportunity to ask questions directly to the recruiters themselves. This means that you will still have a job even during economic recessions, whereas your colleagues in the private sector are more likely to suffer layoffs and lose their jobs. The STC of India Limited, a premier international Trading Company under the administrative control of Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, Government of India.government jobs

West Bengal Health Recruitment 2017: Government of West Bengal Department of Health & Family Welfare has issued vacancy advertisement regarding West Bengal Health Recruitment. Unlike jobs in the private sector, government jobs are not as affected by the state of the economy. Availability of jobs and awareness of right candidates for those jobs is the most important thing. Being that this is a government posting, the number or people applying is probably even greater than in the private sector. You can search online for opportunities or go in person to your local County, State, or Federal Government office for Civil Service Exam or open position postings.government jobs

You’ll find resources for local and nationwide apprenticeships as well as information about the different jobs in each field, professional trade organizations, and your rights on the job. Applications are invited from the citizens of India who fulfill the requisite qualifications mentioned below in the prescribed format for the following posts jobs in Assam. Love Radio and YES FM Jobs Fair at Robinson’s Place, Lagao, General Santos City. Then, job seekers and believed that bagging a government job made their or their children’s lives more secure. For instance, in Texas – you can expect to earn up to $105,000, which is usually contingent upon the amount of experience you possess. The largest occupations in state and local government include police and sheriffs, administrative support workers, correctional officers and janitors. With the increase in jobs so increases greater tax burdens in order to pay for pet projects, lavish health and retirement benefits.