Many people have the wrong idea that all data entry jobs online require vast typing and grammar skills. A home based job could be a real problem for most of us, to be blunt nearly everyone lacks the required steps to create a company at home, they only involve some kind of garbled dream that they’ll work 60 minutes per day and watch DVDs for hours on end but still make huge amount of money, unfortunately I’m sorry to burst open your own bubble but a home based job is most likely twice as tough because it’s not anything like working for someone else.

Right now the employees who spend significant amounts of time working from home are on either end of the income spectrum: solitary, per-hour workers like call center reps, proofreaders, and developers, whose output can be easily tracked; or professionals and senior managers, who presumably are highly self-motivated.

Couples with more spatial distance report having an easier time of it. Jen McNeely, the founder and editor of the Toronto-based women’s lifestyle site She Does the City , lives with her husband, Jamie Drummond, who is an editor for Good Food Revolution , a food and wine blog, and a sommelier who consults for wine from homework from home

But if you’re a fast typist (absolute minimum of 60 wpm,) don’t mind sitting at a computer for long periods of time, aren’t very easily distracted, and are willing to purchase extra equipment and software (most companies require a foot pedal and special transcription software,) then transcription would be worth looking from home

If you are fortunate enough to be hired for a work from home position, you must treat it like any other job: you will have a schedule to adhere to, a certain amount of work to be done, equipment to maintain, or any number of other requirements to adhere to. You probably won’t get wealthy doing it, but you’ll make a decent paycheck – and won’t have to spend it on gas or business clothes!