If you’re happy with your current job, it’s in your best interest to hang onto it for as long as possible. With job security becoming increasingly scarce, it behooves anyone lucky enough to have a comfortable fulltime job to take measures to protect it. Fortunately, this isn’t nearly as difficult as some individuals may think. A little bit of assertiveness and extra effort on your part can go a long way toward making you stand out and eliciting positive attention from your bosses? In the quest to prove yourself an asset to your employer, the following tips are sure to come in handy.

Show Up on Time and Do Your Work

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, most employers value workers who show up on time and complete their assignments on schedule. Despite this simple fact, a large number of workers habitually show up late and throw caution to the wind with regard to deadlines. As a result, simply being punctual and respecting deadlines can prove effective in distinguishing yourself from the pack. Developing a reputation for being a reliably hard worker isn’t difficult – it simply entails showing up at the agreed-upon time each day and doing the job for which you’re paid.

Consistently Hone Your Skills

Many employers show preference to workers who take steps to hone their skills and expand their respective knowledge bases. Expressing a willingness to learn can also put you in the running for assorted pay raises and promotions. Although there’s no substitute for on-the-job learning, enrolling in an MBA program can give you a huge leg-up on your peers. If you don’t have the time to earn your MBA the traditional route, you’re sure to love the comprehensive online programs offered at https://mba.csumb.edu/.

Be a Doer

Many workplaces are filled with employees who coast by doing as little as possible. Not surprisingly, these individuals are seldom given raises or promotions. Additionally, when it comes time to downsize, these do-nothing workers are typically the first on the chopping block. Conversely, assuming an active role on any team to which you’re assigned and consistently putting your best foot forward can quickly put you on the radar of your company’s biggest change-makers.

A staggering number of Americans are unsatisfied with their careers. That being the case, if you’re fortunate enough to have a job you enjoy doing, you should do everything in your power to hang onto it. Being punctual and professional, expressing a willingness to learn and refusing to take a passive role when assigned to a team will put you in a good position to keep your job – and possibly earn you a well-deserved promotion.