Finding a new career in today’s fast-paced world isn’t as easy as it looks. Looking for work is job in itself, is hard, but never give up, there will be many setbacks,but keep going until you gets that job you wants Write application forms, sending and giving out CV’S, there are always one thing in mind and that is looking and hoping to get an invitation for an interview and hoping the end result will be getting a job.job searchjob search

My job search for professionals ideas are based on long experience of working as career counselor and outplacement consultant to public and private organizations and the ideas are my way of helping you to deal with the consequences of unexpected unemployment.

The factors involved in eliminating the first 470 resumes may be items such as having several jobs in a short timeframe, lack of education, overqualified, experience level in the industry or the resume does not hit the keywords needed to fit the job description.

However, just as the company asks the job seeker for references, job candidates can also take it upon themselves to use their network of acquaintances together with websites like LinkedIn to research the company itself, and speak to individuals that have an understanding of the employer.job search

Third , just because you did one thing as your real first job – doesn’t mean I want more postings of it – give me better ones with a little bit of better sound of pay & add flexibility or flex schedule jobs for part time/full time students in school – extra money helps out for us!