A lot of teenagers are looking for jobs in order to earn money and save for their future. Not all teens would like to work as a cashier, but let’s face it – it’s one of those jobs that have the least risk factors, and so employers don’t have qualms about hiring teens to work the registers. These kinds of jobs fill up far in advance, so if you missed the application period for this summer, put it on your to-do list for next year.

Personally I am in favor of the second theory, but the decision should be left to the teens; if they are able to continue their education and desire to have a job for some extra money for them, then there is no harm. This is still a great opportunity, you can have fun for free and when you turn 16 you will be in a great position to land that job. Other customer service jobs may be in a retail or office setting, working with customers in person. This seems obvious, but since the only way to get experience is to experience things, you don’t want to waste valuable recon time doing something you know you will never care about. There are child caregiver jobs that allow you to work after school or on weekends.

Try to find a middle ground or try to find job opportunities for teens that appeal to a different interest. Not all call center jobs are outbound telemarketing jobs; you can also work in a call center that receives calls from customers. The dangers of each job are explored in the report and real life examples of what can go wrong when teens are not protected in the workplace are given. Everyone is hiring and you are psyched – your new job paying 7 bucks an hour will pay for summer movies, some new clothes and a whole bunch of new CDs. A great resource for high school grads and college students looking for summer camp jobs. There are jobs online for teens that like to create informative or amusing videos.jobs for teens

Whether it is working as a host or hostess for events, a caterer or office worker, jobs for teens can bring in the cash flow and earn you experience and skills that are worth more than the money you will get paid. Computer Geeks Unite: If you’re a master of the keyboard… that is, the computer kind… then generally there are a lot of jobs available. Prerequisites: Some customer service jobs may require that you have experience or that you have finished high school; however, the majority do not. When you compare this to the difficulty of applying for and getting a normal advertised job it is no wonder that thousands of teens are switching to paid online jobs. When we think of jobs for teens, usually you think of life guarding, waiters, working in retail, or being a camp counselor. Save-A-Pet accepts students ages 16+ into their regular volunteer activities, but also has a Jr. Volunteer program for kids 16 years-old and younger.jobs for teens

Jobs such as newspaper delivery and baby-sitting are some of the most common employments available for teenagers. Also hard to believe, but teens can leave an interview not knowing what they will be doing or how much they’ll get paid. Berry suggests teens treat n interview like a test and practice with their friends, so they can remember to use active listening skills and articulate their strengths. This is one job that teens can do, and I’ve noticed a lot of teenagers are making money online via myspace by selling layouts, so take it a step further and get a real online job selling designs. For more teen jobs with the Seattle Public Library, check out their teen jobs site.jobs for teens